Window Change: Mandatory Formalities

Window Change

Soon owner of an old building or happy occupant of an old property? If you want to lower your heating bills, you can change your windows for better performance (need to consult our Guide des fenêtres 2015 ?). However, it is necessary to comply with the regulations in force according to the location of your property. Be aware that it is not always possible to change windows as desired and that certain steps are necessary in order to comply with the law.

What are the steps to change windows ? When to make a declaration of works? Why consult the town hall for a change of windows ?

The windows being external elements, modify them, changes the exterior appearance of your home. Changing its windows is not so insignificant, we make the point for you!

What are the formalities to change windows?

They lived your windows and French windows and that you have just discovered them after a purchase or that you lived for a long time in the housing, the observation is the same: they will have to change them to isolate properly from the cold or warm. Would you like to change style, because this one does not suit you or is not fitting with your new interior?

Or the facade has been renovated and the windows attract the eye, the rest of the elements being like new, the woodwork and the simple glazing shock at the first glance.

It is not necessary to make a declaration of work for all cases. In order to clarify the blocking points, here are the possibilities that could influence your choice when changing your next windows!

Changing your windows in a protected area, saved or buildings in France

A protected or protected area is an area subject to special rules because of its “historical, aesthetic or justifiable character for the conservation, restoration and enhancement of all or part of a complex of buildings No “(Article L313-1 of the Urban Planning Code).

In a safeguarded area, the conservation and development plan (PSMV) frames the renovation and development programs. It replaces the POS, land use plan on the perimeter of the sectors saved. This requires you to respect certain materials and colors for your exteriors, whether you like the imposed style or not!

The architect of the buildings of France is charged by the State to ensure compliance with the PSMV, it verifies that you have complied with the indicated standards (window color or window material  for example).

When to make a declaration of works for a change of windows?

Depending on your project, the steps will be more or less restrictive. Do not hesitate to consult with your carpenter who is in the habit of being confronted with this kind of situation:

  • You change your window identically (same size, same color, same carpentry, same glazing or glazing more insulating) it is not necessary to make a declaration of works.
  • You change windows by a model with different characteristics  : to move from pvc to wood, to change the color of your joinery … To know that the material does not take into account in the modification, if the color of the material is different from the You will have to make a prior declaration of work. PLUs, planning by-laws can not, prohibit a material or impose one, except in the case of protected sectors or classified sites.
  • You change an existing element  : you replace a window by a window door, it is a change of exterior appearance, which requires the prior declaration of works. Replacing a small wood or cross window with an ordinary window also requires a declaration, even if the color, materials and size of the window are the same.

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