Why There Is Need To Repair Double Glazed Windows?

There Is Need To Repair Double Glazed Windows?

Are you in an air-conditioned room but the temperature is still uncomfortable to handle? Do you feel a nip in the air in chilly days even if the windows and the doors are closed? Well, the chances are there has been formed a void between those close-sealed windows or doors. Hence, the air has managed ample space to enter and make you feel uncomfortable even if all the air-conditioning system works just fine, or so it seems.

Double Glazing doors and windows are the wondrous fortifications against those gushing wind or heat. In double glazing procedure, the doors and windows are equipped with two sealed panels of glass that hinders any unwanted molecule, be it gas, dust or thin air to enter the rooms. However, the double glazing too seems to fade after some time. For your aid, double glazing repairs are always handy and there is an array of companies providing such professional services.

How Double Glazing works?

Double glazed window or door is made of two sturdy sheets of glass which are sealed with insulating void in between. The U-value is found to be as low as 1.8 W/m2 to 2.8 W/m2 to act as heat insulator. In some cases the void is in form of vacuum while in most cases heavy inert gases like argon fills the void.

How to know when Double Glazing repair is needed?

Some common symptoms are –

  • Door or window is getting misty
  • The inside wall (surface) of the door or window looks steamy i.e. heat has condensed

So, whenever you feel that the air is not conditioned enough or the glass is either too foggy or have water rivulets formed inside, you need double glazing repairs done immediately.

Why double glazing repair is needed?

  • Temperature change makes the panels expand in heat and contract in cold. When the sizes of the panels fluctuate, the common shear, tear and wear tend to happen.
  • The glass cleaning product can create abrasion at the seal. While looking for cleaning chemicals, the properties should always be checked upon in order not to lose the see-through feature.
  • The faulty installation often leads to wearing out of the double glazing features. It’s always mandatory to obtain the certificate and receipt of the installation work done.
  • Broken of lock or hinge or shattered glass are also the reasons for failing of double glazing.

When you are able to detect that there is some anomaly with the double glazing, the best option is to ask the installer who carried out the glazing service. Repairing from the same company will not only give you discounts but also the team will try their best to ensure that small altercations are made to restore the double glaze feature. If you are unable to locate the old installer, then the new company will, in most cases, go for full replacement as they won’t repair the parts installed by other companies. Mind it, fully replacing the window or door unit is really expensive!

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