When To Change The Windows Of The House?

windows of the house?

If the door is the smile of your house, the windows are their eyes. They are an integral part of its architecture and are very important, especially as they protect you from bad weather while letting natural light enter your home.

That said, how do you know when to replace them?

It is estimated that the windows of a house have a lifespan of about 15 years.

Clues to know when to change the windows of the house

The lifetime of a window is estimated at 15 years , but it can also reach 20 years and sometimes longer. When will you know it’s time to change them? Here are some clues that do not lie:

  • • Chillers are damaged.
  • • Opening and closing are difficult.
  • • Air currents escape.
  • • Condensation appears on or between the windows.
  • • Molds cover the edges of windows.
  • • Their appearance is no longer suitable for the look of the house.

Improving energy efficiency can be another incentive – is that with new windows, saving 15 to 25% of energy , that counts!

How to choose the windows when it comes time to replace them?

At the base, windows must be easy to maneuver, durable and attractive while still being energy efficient . Compliance with the latter condition is a guarantee of comfort for the occupants, as well as minimizing internal condensation, which prolongs the life of the windows.

If price is an important factor, the price-quality ratio is much more so. Compare your choices with this in mind, so without sacrificing totally quality to save at all costs, because time will give you wrong. Very cheap is never synonymous with quality and durability.

Before making a decision, inspect the samples taking into account the following key characteristics:

  • • Window type (fixed or openable).
  • • Operation mode (crank, sliding, tilt / turn).
  • • Ease of maintenance (swing shutters, 90-degree swing hinges).
  • • Materials that make up the frame (PVC, aluminum, wood, hybrid, fiberglass).
  • • Type of glazing (single, double, triple, low film E, gas, interlayer).
  • • Energy performance (ratings A, B and C, energy efficiency).

And lastly, do not forget that a professional will not have his equal to guide your choice.

Before choosing your windows, check the warranty offered

Windows are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty , which varies from one to the other. Take time to examine each. Also, some merchants have the good idea to offer an extended warranty at no extra cost, so take advantage of it.

If a problem occurs after some time, you will be happy to have thought about it before you buy.

By the team of Doors and windows Verdun.

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