Urban Defender Whole House Water Filter – Specifications and Pricing

Urban Defender WUrban Defender Whole House Water Filter – Specifications and Pricinghole House Water Filter – Specifications and Pricing

The Urban Defender is a water filtration system specially designed to work in urban environments where people want to improve the quality of their municipal water. City water systems can be prone to high levels of chlorine and chloramines that are used as disinfectants, as well as industrial waste and other pollutants. These can have adverse effects on your health and water filtration systems can stop this from happening. Check out the Urban Defender – whole house water filter from www.cleanairpurewater.com.


The Urban Defender uses a combination of NSF certified KDF (NSF 61 and 42) and carbon (NSF 61 and 42) treatments to remove contaminants in your water supply. Fifty-five pounds of carbon is found within the Urban Defender, either used in the catalytic carbon media for the removal of chloramines and chlorine, or in granular activated carbon media for those only requiring the removal of chlorine. Three point five pounds of KDF is used in the KDF media. KDF is made up from copper and zinc granules of the highest purity. These granules interact, creating a .4 millivolt electrical charge that causes ionization and oxidation/reduction processes that alter the structure of heavy metals and other chemicals. This changing of the molecular structure triggers the contaminants to attach to the KDF media. Urban Defenders employ a unique metered backwashing system. This system reshuffles the activated carbon, allowing new carbon to be exposed to the incoming water – thus increasing effectiveness, efficiency, and durability. The Urban Defender is only 13” x 66”, taking up little space


The price of the Urban Defender differs slightly according to the type of carbon media that is utilised in your filtration system. For Urban Defenders that employ granular activated carbon, the price is $1,755. For Urban Defenders that employ catalytic carbon to combat chloramines, the price is a touch higher at $2,125. These extraordinarily competitive prices reflect the fact that Sweetwater does not have the overhead that its large competitors suffer from. A 5-micron prefilter is always recommended for water filtration and we can offer one for $205. Larger systems can be custom built if required, for example we have a 4-cu ft system for high flow applications for only $3,864.


A standard family of four persons can use this system for between five and seven years before requiring any maintenance at all. Even once maintenance is needed and the media need to be replaced, the process can be finished in around an hour and will enable the product to continue working for another five to seven years. An example of pricing for each media would be $750 for catalytic carbon and KDF or $650 for activated carbon and KDF. This is far cheaper than the maintenance requirements of other brands.

The Urban Defender is the most competitive whole house filtration system on the market. Purchase a water filtration system and gain the clear health benefits.

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