Things to consider before you Purchase a new house

Things to consider before you Purchase a new house

Certain things in life are prized possessions which we cherish for a lifetime. If you are looking tobuy Flats in jaipur, obviously you will be undertaking a lot of research on the same. Despite so much thought being put into the process people tend to overlook many factors while buying property in Jaipur. There are some important pointers that you need to keep in mind before you purchase property in Jaipur.


If you are ever thrown the question which is the most important point to consider before buying a property! The answer has to be location as it adds to the value of a property whereby a lot of energy and time is saved as well.

  • If there are elders in the house, verify that there are good hospitals nearby
  • If kids are there , good schools nearby would be of a lot of help
  • Do not commit the mistake of choosing a house too far from work. Ready to moveflats in Jaipurare available near your work premises and you can be the proud owner of one.
  • If you are into regular travel, then opt for a house that is near to the airport or railway station

Long term vision is a must

Have a long term vision in mind as what are the things you would need in the coming years? What is the amount of time you are planning to spend in the house? In case if you are planning to sell the house in the coming 5 years, what is the resale value of the house be like.

Looking into post purchasing costs as well

Once you become the owner of a home, you would need to shell out maintenance costs as well. If it is an apartment this need to be paid to the builder or the society. In certain cases these amount are hidden and you do become aware only after the purchase of the property. Be sure to ask all the questions and do keep a record of it. You could also be planning a house warming party after purchase of a house and you would need funds for that as well.

Purchase of a house would need to use your brain and not your heart. Do not be influenced by any decisions as in the long term interests this work out to be of no issue

Do not overbuy

Always have a budget in mind and do stick to it. For example if you also opt for villas in Jaipur, it will result in high monthly instalments that is going to decrease your post retirement savings. Ideally the EMI should be 40 % of the monthly earnings and your savings should help you last for the next 10 to 15 years as well. This will help you to be in control over things as long as you have unnecessary expenses looming in the corner. This could be arrival of a baby as well.

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