The 5 Most Profitable Plants for Your Nursery Business

Profitable Plants for Your Nursery Business

With people taking a more organic approach, there’s no wonder why the plant business is growing in prosperity. Are you a bit older and on the way to retirement? This is a perfect way to turn your gardening hobby into a profitable business. Maybe you plant some obscure or not so common items. You could have acres of land that just sitting idle and waiting to be turned into a goldmine. Here are 5 plants you can turn into top-notch earners.

Enrich Health With Lavender

The purple color from the lavender is vibrant and just gives any room it inhabits a positive and warming aura. From aromatherapy to skin care, you’ll reap many benefits from using this plant.

The beautiful scent and presence of lavender is absolutely perfect to take in after a long day. You can provide solid aromatics to the home, which gives others a peace of mind by relieving stress.

Lavender holds a lot of benefits for the skin such as: treating acne, reducing inflammation, healing scrapes/burns, and adding a rich and natural glow to the skin.

These plants last quite a while and can produce blooms each year for more than a decade. Speaking of bloom, why not go with a traditional set of flowers?

Keep it Simple With a Set of Flowers

The great thing about flowers is you can plant most all year round, they are cost effective, and you can grow them directly in the soil or a pot. They have a variety of uses, which makes it a valuable plant to have in your arsenal if you plan on running a nursery business. Here’s how you can make it easier to sell.

Do you have any rare flowers in your nursery? You’ll want to contact a local shop to see what they have in stock. This could be the perfect way to get rid of inventory at a higher rate. Flower shops are looking for these types of items for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and any other holiday that requires more floral elements.

All you need is soil, water, seeds, and a bit of time to help you start growing flowers for profit. Do you like growing plants you can actually consume? Mushrooms are great items for your side dishes.

Keep Some Exotic Mushrooms in Hand

There’s nothing like having a great dish and a side of mushrooms. If you don’t have the budget for producing all kinds of mushrooms, shiitake and and oyster mushrooms are perfect for your small operation, because they don’t need certain facilities to monitor growth and stability. You can keep them safe indoors during the winter season. You want to take the right precautions to ensure they are edible for the consumer. You can sell your mushrooms to different Asian restaurants or specialty food stores. People love to stir fry them with vegetables or roast it on top of a nice steak.

Depending on the time of year, it’s not a bad idea to add shrubs and landscaping plants to your arsenal.

Help Your Customer Create the Perfect Lawn With Landscaping Plants

You can become pretty successful by selling certain hard-to-find trees or shrubs in limited quantities. Remember, the rarer the item you sell, the more you’ll be able to profit. People are willing to pay a small fortune just to add more personality and uniqueness to their lawn. Take a look at what your local nurseries are selling. Get an idea of what you like to grow and make a variety to be able to stand out from the larger competitors. This way you’ve carved a niche that caters to a target audience. Speaking of cater, why not start growing more herbs to add a bit of spice to your life?

Appeal to the Food Industry By Growing Herbs

There’s nothing like having fresh herbs in your food. You can have a different variety of herbs such as: cilantro, basil, and oregano. It’s good to build rapport with small grocery stores that specialize in fresh items. You’ll be able to build a reputation around them and maybe even set up your own online store. Also, if you know any bars or lounges that create craft cocktails, they are always in need of fresh garnishes to help them set up their libations.

Growing plants can help you diversify your income with just a little time and effort. See what items you like to grow and how this can help serve your area. Along with offering other things like commercial wheelbarrow rentals, you’ll be well on your way to building a profitable business.

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