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Roofing is the most important element to protect the structure of your home. Do you need to build a new roof or repair it? Do not entrust this work to anyone. You have to choose companies that have worked in the field for a long time and who will be able to honor your guarantee.

Trust the financial strength and experience of Roofing Hogue. We now offer you solutions for residential roofing Signature. Thanks to the excellence of a Roofing Hogue roof, your residence will be protected for years.

Our expertise in elastomeric membrane roofing, ancestral roofing (copper or sheet metal), or asphalt shingle roofing is unmatched in Montreal, Lanaudière, the Eastern Townships and many other regions of Quebec.

Choosing Roofs Hogue Signature is choosing  :

  • A family business with more than 40 years of experience and a solid reputation for excellence;
  • Teams made up of the best roofing masters in the industry;
  • Impeccable service;
  • Outstanding quality of work.

As soon started
soon finished

Do not live days and days in a building site! Thanks to our specialized equipment and our dynamic, attentive and experienced work teams, the work of building or repairing your roof will be done in no time.

Dedicated to provide you with the highest quality service, Roofing Hogue Signature has equipped with self-propelled elevator loaders, which allow to carry out the work with maximum efficiency, safely, while leaving the premises in one was impeccable Once the work is completed.

Performance, safety, cleanliness

Seeing his environment transformed into a construction site is not a pleasant experience. That’s why the Hogue Signature Roofing teams are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as Equipter lifts.

The Equipters allow us:

  • To maintain an exceptional cleanliness of the premises during the works;
  • To leave the site in impeccable condition once the work is completed;
  • To promote the efficiency and safety of the works.

Your warranty

Your signature Roofing Hogue Signature will protect your home for years to come. We assure you the highest quality of roofing thanks to:

  • The use of the best materials;
  • Our advanced techniques;
  • The experience of our staff.

To show you the confidence we have in our work and our product, Roofing Hogue Signature offers you a 5 year warranty on your new roof.

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