Replacing Your Windows, A Smart Idea?

Winter has just arrived and you already feel the sensations of cold in your house.This is certainly due to your joinery and more specifically to your windows

Winter has just arrived and you already feel the sensations of cold in your house.This is certainly due to your joinery and more specifically to your windows. The windows of a housing constitute walls that are sensitive to variations in outside temperature. Windows represent between 10% and 15% of the total losses of a dwelling. It is therefore important to take into account this item of energy expenditure.

Is changing your old windows through reinforced insulated windows cost-effective?

It all depends on the general insulation of your home. If your home is not insulated then the difference will be minimal between a single glazing and a double glazing . On the other hand, if your home is well insulated then changing your old joinery by recent joinery will save significant and a quick return on investment.

Choose a double or triple glazed window?

    • A double glazed window consists of two glazings with between its two windows a blade of air or rare gas (argon, krypton or xenon) imprisoned. The replacement of single glazed windows by double glazing allows a 40% saving on heat losses due to joinery.
    • A triple glazing window consists of three glazings with between the different glazings a blade of rare air or gas. The addition of a thickness of glass and gas allows better insulation than double glazing. However, the counterpart of this increased performance is its weight and thickness.

The triple glazing is advised during a new construction with good insulation, whereas the double glazing is a very good product in renovation with very good performance.

Window with a blade of rare air or gas (argon, krypton, xenon)?

To begin, let’s answer this question, which is to ask what is the purpose of the blade of air present in the double and triple glazing. The answer is simple: glass is a bad insulator and increase its thickness will not allow good insulation. It is then necessary to insulate the glazing with a transparent insulator such as the air or a gas that the manufacturers will install between the various glazing.
Rare gases also known as noble or inert gases are increasingly used to replace the air in recent glazing because they are better insulators. They are therefore to be preferred to isolate your joinery and achieve high energy performance in your home.

Installing your radiator under a window, still topical?

There are several reasons why they should be installed under the windows in the past, but the main ones: to begin with, the old houses lose a lot of energy through their joinery (due to the insufficient glazing and the waterproofing of the frame). The idea is to position the radiator at the level of the greatest sources of wastage to fill them. This source of loss also creates drafts that are filled by a curtain of hot air from the radiator positioned below the window. Finally, what can we put under a window … not much, it is for a matter of space that we put the radiators. Nowadays, heated floors are privileged to the radiator, which allows a saving of space and comfort.

Blinds, shutters, a necessity?

The installation of blinds or shutters is an excellent idea, this will allow to add an additional barrier to the outside temperature. That is to say, a double-walled roller shutter combined with a double-glazed PVC window with increased insulation will make great savings in heating and increase comfort in the home due to a decrease in effect Cold wall.

The renovation of your joinery, how much does it cost?

Above all, it should be noted that joinery with high-performance insulation is subject to an 18% tax credit only in older dwellings (more than 2 years) provided that at least 50% of the dwelling windows are changed and That another type of work subject to the tax credit be made in order to get a bouquet works.
The price of a double glazing window meeting the criteria of the tax credit is about 200 € per m². A triple glazing pvc window costs 50% to 100% more expensive than a conventional double glazed window. The price will then depend on the number of windows purchased and if the installation is included. Discounts may be granted depending on how many windows are replaced.

In summary, replacing your windows is a great idea. The savings generated will be long term because, as with insulation, your home will consume less energy. Finally, be aware that your future windows have a lifetime of 30 years, ie a guaranteed return on investment. For the website, it is also an added value for a house for sale in the next few years.

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