Replacement of windows and joinery

Replacement windows

Are you looking for a manufacturer of PVC ,  wood  or aluminum windows when renovating your windows in your home?

Window Renovation by Tryba

Renovation type installation on existing frame

To make the renovation of your windows, the installers adapt the made-to-measure window to the old dormants provided that they are in good condition. All you have to do now is to fix it and finish with silicone and cover. Without damaging the masonry or the tapestry. This installation system is fast, reliable and clean.

Or renovation type full replacement

We renovate your PVC windows by completely replacing the windows, as part of a renovation of the interiors (plaster, tapestry). The installer removes the old frame and replaces it with a new one.

Before and after renovation

Before rehabilitation workBefore

In a poorly insulated home, doors and windows are responsible for 15 to 30% of heat loss and energy wastage: cold air creeps into the house and the heating system must then go into overconsumption to compensate And maintain the habitat at the requested temperature.
Poor insulation can also lead to degradation of air quality and occupant comfort: by reaching the cold walls of the house, mainly the windows, the hot air cools very quickly and Condensation on windows and walls. This phenomenon can be the cause of the appearance of mold, causing asthma and allergy.

In a house that needs to be renovated, safety is also undermined: old and worn carpentry are easier to force by potential intruders.


After renovation of the doors and windows, thermal transfers between the interior and exterior are considerably reduced. For your windows, switching from simple glazing to double glazing with reinforced insulation reduces your electricity bill and improves your comfort: sound insulation is increased, street noise is imperceptible.
More aesthetic and easier to use, your new doors and windows and your new shutters also improve your safety! With laminated burglar-proof glazing and reinforced joinery, your home no longer fears intrusion attempts.

Home renovation : the renovation of your windows aluminum , wood or PVC makes it possible to improve the quality of these in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety .

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