Quick Solutions to Common Air Conditioner Issues

Common Air Conditioner Issues

It’s not uncommon for an air conditioner to work fine and then start to deteriorate with use, causing problems that require the help of a professional to fix them.

When it comes to air conditioning New Port Richey residents’ units might act up in certain seasons of the year, and might exhibit issues because of extended use in the summer heat. Though this might be common, there are also common quick fixes to get the air conditioning unit up and running again.

If the air conditioner suddenly stops working, the problem could be something simple, like a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

Here is a guide to help identify some of the most common problems with an air conditioning unit. These steps are simple ways to address these problems. If you try and the issues persist, it’s a good time to seek the help of a professional technician to avoid further damage and unwanted expenses.

1. Air Conditioner Does Not Switch On

The most common problem is an air conditioner refusing to turn on. The first step is to check the unit outside of the residence and try to determine if the condenser is operating. One must assure that the unit is plugged firmly onto the electric socket and the thermostat is properly set.

Lowering the thermostat to approximately 5 to 10 degrees would be advisable for the air conditioner to take time adjusting to a user’s preferred setting. This serves as a warm up and normally fixes the problem. The thermostat must be set to cool.

The next step is to check and see if there is a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker which might cause the hassle.

If this isn’t the problem, and the air conditioning unit still will not turn on, the coil might be frozen. There may also be a problem with the internal motor or compressor. Anyone without the knowledge of its intricate parts should not try to fix it themselves. If you are looking to fix your air conditioning New Port Richey residents are advised to call a technician to repair the system.

2. Air is Insufficiently Cool

If the air conditioner turns on successfully, the thermostat is set to appropriate settings, but the system is not producing a cool breeze, the problem could be a dirty or clogged air condenser. It would be best to first check the outside of the unit and clean around it with a vacuum or broom to remove dust.

Remove all debris, weed, insects, spider webs, or accumulated dust in it. Those are the ones that are blocking the air circulation; therefore they must be taken off.

The next step is to check the filter and assure that it is tidy. In most cases, the filter is dirty and it restricts the air going towards the evaporator coil.  This causes the coil to freeze.

These are two of the usual concerns regarding air conditioning units. Now that you have knowledge about quick fixes, you don’t have to worry about tolerating heat and dust allergies.

Ted Smith  is an HVAC technician who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with homeowners.

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