Question To Ask When Hiring a Lawn Care Service

Hiring a Lawn Care Service

Maintaining a healthy lawn involves a lot of work that should be done regularly. If you are an individual who is busy, doing some of these tasks by yourself might be asking too much since you are most probably overwhelmed by your day to day job. However, you could contact a professional lawn care service and have them take care of your lawn at a specified fee. These firms are specialized in lawn care and will visit your home regularly to check on the progress and make any necessary changes all aimed at achieving your perfect yard.

Due to the increased demand for lawn care services, more companies have ventured into this niche, and you can find it hard selecting the best one for you. When you search the web, you will get a list of several companies near you and will now face the laborious task of fishing out the best one. Pointing the best one can be an easy task if you know the right things to ask these companies when you contact them. Here are some essential questions to ask when hiring a lawn care service;

How Long Have They Been In Service?

It is necessary to know the experience of the company such as Discover. Ziehler you want to hire. Lawn care gets better by the years since an expert gets exposed to unique lawn problems and this gives them the insight needed to come up with solutions for most issues they face. A lawn care company that has been around for a long time is an indication that they have been offering fantastic services for many years since no lousy firm can survive in the market for long. Always lean towards the firms that have been established for many years as you are somehow guaranteed of getting assured services and not trial and error stuff from the quacks or people who have no experience dealing with lawns.

Are They Insured and Licensed?

The law that governs companies offering services state that they should be insured and licensed. A lawn care service should have a business license, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance. For you, the client, the most critical cover that concerns you is the worker’s compensation one since lawn care may involve climbing trees and walls, activities which are a bit risky to the workers. You do not want to be slapped with the burden of compensating a worker who gets injured while working on your lawn. Licenses are issued to companies that have surpassed the set thresholds that all lawn care services need to before they can receive the green light to offer their services. Out of these thresholds, qualifications are a significant issue, and you are assured that a licensed company has been passed fit to provide you with professional services.

What Is Their Pricing Structure?

While investing in lawn care is a worthwhile venture, you should always find a firm that gives you value for your money. Ask about their pricing structure and see how their charges relate to what is being offered. Are they the ones offering standard charges or price their services in packages? The best company will not give you a quote before inspecting your property and asking for the services expected from them since lawns are very different. Avoid the companies that give you a quote over the phone since they will obviously give you a low starting price to lure you and then start adding up some other costs later on. Some companies are also notorious for changing their quote midway through the job, and you should insist that they give you a written and final quote so that they do not get any loophole to adjust the charges later on.

What Are Their Professional Qualifications?

While most people might think of lawn care as something one could learn through an apprenticeship, it is entirely false. Lawn care is a skill that requires a lot of knowledge that cannot be acquired on the streets. It is essential to understand the plants and soil structures for a lawn care expert to know what to do on every kind of lawn. Reliable companies are owned by people who have some background qualifications in lawn care, and the technicians should also have some educational background supporting their practice. Such companies should also be members of the professional lawn care groups such as the Professional Landscape Network, American Society of Landscape Architects and Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. If the firm has received an accolade for their excellent service, you should consider them highly since these awards are only issued to the best from the rest.

What Services Do They Offer?

The list of lawn care services is very long, and you cannot find a different firm for every task. It is vital to find out the services a firm offers before hiring them so that you can know whether they will help you or not. A firm might provide you with a friendly quote and have the best accolades, but they are irrelevant to you if they can’t do what you expect of them. An excellent lawn care service offers all services associated with lawn care and will give you no reason to look for another firm. They should be your one stop shop for all your lawn care needs ranging from the supplies, diagnosis, services, and maintenance.

What Methods Do They Use?

In recent years, there have been lots of concerns over the use of chemical products that pollute the environment. Your lawn is your environment, and you should push for the use of environmentally friendly methods. An excellent lawn care service should limit the use of chemical products for the extreme cases that need quick interventions and instead stick and encourage the use of organic products. Organic lawn care offers a chemical-free outdoor environment and promotes the growth of strong and healthy plants that are not vulnerable to attacks.

The questions above are vital since they will help you to determine which lawn care service is suitable for you. By the end of the last one, you will have a clear picture of the ones to consider and ones to forget about. Take your time when finding a lawn care service since you are simply looking for a lifetime partner that will keep your lawn beautiful all year long.

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