Purple Flowers for Your Garden

Purple Flowers for Your Garden

One thing to note is that the flowering season of purple flowers may not be predictable specifically when the weather conditions keeps on changing. The most important thing, therefore, is to do background research to know whether your garden meets all the growing requirements.

This article has enumerated some important suggestions you will find very helpful and ideal if you want a cool blend of blues and purple flowers.


  1. Purples for Your Spring Orchard
  • Spring-Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Nothing defines spring like a mauve tree such as (Syringa vulgaris) when fully bloomed. You can also consider rhododendrons which have reddish like purple flowers. More exciting one is Pulownia tomentosa -its native name fully defines its flowers that take some years to be produced.

  • Spring-Purple Climbers

The most favourite is Wisteria sinensis. It has elongated teasel-like heads full of pea flowers. Another one is Akebia quinata that gives both female and male flowers on the single plant. All the flowers produced are purple with lobed leaves.


  1. Summer-Purple Flower Garden
  • Summer-Purple Shrubs

If you ask some flower gardeners, they will tell you that (Lavandula spp.) is always blue when it is in its nursery. However, this is not the case-it is purple which ranges from concentrated violet purple to a light natural variety.

More intact purples of Hebbes are Caledonia and Wingletye which usually covers the ground. Hydrangeas are famous among the gardeners because of their capacity to vary the colour of the flowers depending on the conditions they are grown in.

  • Summer-Purple Borders

Campanulas are amongst the beautiful purple flowers you would love. The entire blossoms are bell-shaped, nonetheless other features such as style and size change considerably.

Purple aquilegias which have flowers that resemble jesters ‘caps are grown from seeds, but in case you are growing them year in year out, make sure your neighbours are growing the same flowers just like you because aquilegias hybridize easily.

We also have bearded irises such as Alexanders’ Ragtime Band in this category.

  • Summer-Purple Climbers

They include Ipomoea Indica which breeds from seed. There are also many clematis which belongs to Varicella Group with great dinner platter sized purples.

Passionflowers have huge flowers with patterned circles of strands and extended stigma to trap the pollen.


  1. Autumn-Purple Flower Garden

Asters with daisy flowers bloom well in flower seedbeds during the autumn. Aster novae-anglie ‘Purple Dome’s a whole plant with well-lit purple flowers. Another species is ‘Monch’ that is a little bit taller, but equally vivacious.

  1. Winter-Purple Flower Garden

A classic example in this category is Miniature iris ‘George.’ It is 12cm in height, and its flowers grow upwards in the late winter. Another miniature is ‘Pauline’ with duller flowers as compared to ‘George.’

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