Pool shapes that are trending this summer

Pool shapes

An in-ground swimming pool is the ultimate accessory for this hot Australian summer and makes a great addition to any yard. A pool can become a beautiful centrepiece in your garden as it completely transforms an outdoor space and serves as a fun and functional space for the whole family. Getting your own swimming pool is a big decision and if you want to make sure your purchase pays out, looking at the latest design features will help to keep your investment stylish and functional for the years to come.

Picking a shape for your pool can be difficult. There are many design elements to consider as well as space, ease of access, the properties landscape, the architecture of your house, the very own design of your backyard and last but not least who will be using the swimming pool and what activities will take place as this might determine the depth and size of your oasis. Today swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with the right landscaping and design touches your pool will become a beautiful outdoor oasis. It is helpful to have an idea of classic shapes and trend shapes and learn how they are best used to find out what pool will complement your backyard best.

Most commonly formal lines such as rectangular or oval shapes will complement the present architecture better when placed close by and truly integrate into the aesthetic of the house and personality of the home. Pools that are further out the yard can take on any shape and natural look to blend in with your backyards landscaping.

Whether you choose to create a custom design or select a standard shape, once you have decided on the design get in contact with a professional pool builder to help you consider what material will be best to construct the pool shape you have in mind. If you need a little inspiration, we have collected the latest pool shapes for you that are trending this summer.


Lap pools are the little black dress of pool design. Their classic rectangular shape never goes out of style, as it will blend in perfectly with its surroundings no matter if the location is contemporary, urban or pastoral. As the long and thin design is best to fit onto small property parallel to your house or right up against your wall, it is mainly used for exercise and swimming laps, your pool builder will be happy to build a safety ledge for little swimmers at the shallow end.


Pools that feature a knife-edge are this summer’s latest trend. As infinity pools have been around for a while, usually build on sloping land for their effect to let the pool flow into the neighbouring panorama, a knife-edge will take dramatic pool design one step further by creating the visual effect of water dropping off into the horizon. This design feature is caused by a sharp end where the water overflows one edge to create the illusion that it merges into the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.


If you have a rustic landscape in your yard, this summer’s pool building trend might be for you. Freeform designs will complement any yard but are ideal for homeowners who want to incorporate a pool into their already designed backyard and have it blend into the natural setting. Freeform pools can be designed in unique shapes to vanish into any landscape and predesigned space, making it the excellent choice for any grown garden as they will maximize the available space.


Also known as wet shelves or Baja shelf, more and more Australian pool owners to be will decide to add a designer’s touch such as a lounging ledge to their pool. These areas are around 20cm deep and will encourage relaxation in shallow water without paddling, sunbathing while cooling off in the water at the same time and are completely safe for the kids to enjoy a safe dip.


As your urban property might not have enough room to set up a large backyard pool, plunge pools are this year’s trend to allow any homeowner a backyard oasis. Plunge pools are smaller than average and commonly deeper than they are wide and can, therefore, fit into small spaces. Plunge pools are great for soaking and relaxing. Even if they are not as long as a lap pool, having a plunge pool must not be a drawback when it comes to exercise. By installing jets that urge you to swim against the current you will get as much exercise as you need.

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