Pasadena landscape ideas

Pasadena landscape ideas

Gardening and landscape designs have changed drastically over the years. Back in the day’s people focused just on the color and height of their only grass lawn, practically competing with neighbors on who is going to have the best lawn in the neighborhood. Ability to take care of our garden has got to a higher level, so it is easier to stand out.

Now, gardeners are focusing on making their garden a place for relaxation. Implementing things that are usually seen in the home is not a strange thing nowadays. Depending on how large is your property there are many ways you can adjust to the trends. There are a lot of Pasadena landscapers with great ideas you can use for your landscape.

Regarding small gardens

If you are on a budget, and your garden isn’t what you actually wanted, you can still come up with some features that will be in use for you.

When it comes to smaller gardens, designers are trying to make objects multi-usable. For example, if you want a small fireplace for late night dinners, you can lift it up and make a bigger table with a fire in the middle. This type of fireplace is becoming a trend all over the world.

Another great idea is a multi-level plant container. This way you can combine plants with different colors in the same area.

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Dining area

If we take a look at open restaurants, we can see that the environment is same for most of them. When people took dining outside the house, in the garden it is usually close to the kitchen, with an ordinary table, and free space around it.

What changed are the surroundings of the dining area. People focus more on the table instead of where it is placed. What you can do is fill the area with container plants and in-ground plants, maybe some small trees, so we can have a pleasant feeling of being in nature. Make it comfy with special furniture, flooring, and lighting.Also, a see-through roof would be a great idea. Have as many plants as you can around the customized dining area.

Winter season

A lot of gardeners are now focusing on the winter season because in the past it has been avoided. No one wants for their garden to look empty, but this is what usually happens when we have only summer plants.

For example, you can use a silver-white Betula apoiensus, and bushes with different colors, so you can break the winter monotony. There are a lot of winter season plants you can choose for your garden. Also, there are some evergreens that change color in winter like Butterfly bush.

Growing uncommon plants

Experimenting is what is in trend now, so there are numerous landscape examples where you can see all sorts of plants. Something that people like nowadays is to implement edible plants in their garden. Especially, using plants that can’t be found in a store easily is a thing now. For example, something called cucamelons would be a great choice for you. It has nothing to do with watermelons, only it looks like a mini-watermelon. It looks very interesting, the taste is a little bit sour and it is similar to cucumber.

You can use all sorts of berries. They will give more natural feeling to your garden. Also, it will attract birds, so the environment will be more realistic.

Combining ideas

With such a large number of designs, you can have, why not make some combinations with already existing designs. This is becoming more popular through time. Designers know what is in trend now, and with few ideas that they always make, combining their features can lead to something new and amazing.

Also, you can travel and take notes from the most amazing landscapes and implement it to your property. This is not stealing, of course, it is a free will of a designer to combine art and make something extraordinary. Read more about it here.

Today everything is related to technology. So, as it expands we will have more things available for us to use for our landscape. A great example is a pool underneath the lawn. This kind of technology will for sure give us an advantage at taking care of our surroundings.

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