Most Popular Types Of Roofing Products

Most Popular Types Of Roofing Products

One important part of a house, a building, or any other structure is the roof, which is located in the upper part and covers the entire top structure. Its most important function is to protect the building, including the people and every item there is inside.

Roofs are exposed 24/7 to the ever-changing climate, ranging from the sun’s heat to the strongest rains. Thus, it is important to apply proper maintenance to this part of the house.

Roofing Products

There are many types of roofing products and each type varies in strength and durability. However, they all serve one purpose: to protect the entirety of a structure. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Standing Seam Panels

These metal panels can be used in both residential and commercial buildings and have been used for more than a century. It’s a popular type of panel known for its graceful and clean lines. Standing seam panels are also known for their impact and fire resistance and wind uplift features.

5V Panels

5V panels are used in rural projects like farm buildings and barns, but they can also be used for homes. Commonly, this roofing product is used in coastal areas and is recognized for its maximum leak resistance.

PBR Panels

This type of panel is used in steel-frame building applications, as well as in commercial and industrial structures. It provides maximum support for roofing.

Jackson Rib Panels

Jackson Rib Panels are by far considered the best when it comes to durability and strength and is popular in commercial, residential, and post-frame buildings. This type of metal roofing is known for extreme leak resistance during heavy rains.

Other Roofing Products

Terracotta Tile

One popular roof choice among house owners is the Terracotta tile roof. To restore this type, a mold killer should be applied to the entire surface, followed by full pressure cleaning. Afterward, ridge caps must be removed and repointed. Parts that need to be re-bedded should be identified and changed. The final part is the application of terracotta glazing on the entire roof.

Concrete Tile

The concrete tile roof is rather the most common for houses. The procedure for taking care of it is similar to that of the terracotta. First is the pressure cleaning the roof’s surface. Next is the removal of ridge cap and re-bedding (if necessary). Finally, acrylic coat layers should be applied twice to complete the restoration and seal the surface off.

Roof Restoration

Although most roof types have similar procedures when it comes to the restoration process, others may requirespecial applications. Here are the steps for general roof restoration.

  • First, there is a need to examine the entire surface of the roof to determine the area that will need additional repair.
  • Next, rust is dusted (or scraped) off and a mold killer is applied where needed.
  • This will be followed by complete pressure cleaning of the entire roof. Ridge caps will be removed and repointed (again, if necessary).
  • The final stage of the restoration is the coating of paint and other glossy materials to achieve a newer and improved outer appearance. This restoration will be expected to last for a few years.

There are various other restoration applications to choose from for whatever roof type you have. If you are unsure of what yours needs, get in touch with a professional roofing contractor so you don’t waste time and materials. This expert should be able to assess how much work needs to be done and at what cost. He or she will also recommend alternatives depending on your budget.

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