Is It Time For Your Home To Conduct Foundation Repair?

Conduct Foundation Repair

Foundations are made of different types of materials, depending on the kind of structure that has been put up. But, whether you have a skyscraper or a bungalow wooden home, their purpose is essentially the same in that they provide the legs and base that holds the entire structure solid and stable. Much like human legs and feet, foundations are a necessary part of any structure and should, therefore, be given as much effort in terms of planning and preparation as one would for the rest of the design. A poorly constructed foundation could mean eventual destruction.

Because these are made of materials that wane in integrity and strength over time, you should have your home’s foundation checked every few years to see that it has not shown any signs of wear. Regardless if you’re planning to conduct a renovation or just want to make sure that everything is in order in your aging home, having a professional structural engineer look into your home’s primary base is a smart thing to do.

When Do You Know When It’s Time For A Repair?

According to the experts at Taylor Foundations, even regular home owners can do a sweep around their house to look for cracks in the foundation to determine if they need to call a professional to look things over. Walk around the exterior and interior of your house and take note of any cracks you see. Better yet, mark them and list them on a notebook so you don’t forget. Record the size and the date that they were spotted.

This sweep should also include crawl spaces, ceilings, walls, basements and other areas. If the crack that you find is bigger than 1/16 of an inch wide, call a professional to check them out. You can’t really tell at first glance if the crack will cause harm, but a professional will be able to assess if it will affect your home’s health. He or she will also be able to tell if it offers a large enough space for exterior elements to get in.

A crack that is left unattended could mean serious damage to your structure in the long term. It could entail that your foundation or wall has reached its load-bearing limit, which could be dangerous. Unlevel flooring can also affect your foundation’s integrity so also watch out of doors that have become difficult to open and gaps on kitchen cabinets.

Foundation repair is a necessary job that requires the intervention of a true structural engineer. No matter how many YouTube videos you have seen or how-tos you’ve read about home repairs and improvements, when it comes to your home’s foundation, it’s best to leave the tinkering to the right people for the job.

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