How To Decide The Color Of Your Walls

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How To decide the colors of your walls

Color is very important when it comes to adding color to your house. To be able to add a certain flow to your house is a powerful tool, to choose that particular color or colors that do that determines the feeling that you want to feel when you’re entering a room or your house. There are several processes or steps to go through to choosing that perfect color for your wall.

Use a color wheel

Spending a lot of time with the color wheel can be very helpful to determine what colors you’re looking for; a color wheel is really ideal for color spacing. Try not to just choose any color but, rather match the color that would go with your furniture and decor. Once you find your color based on that, go around your house and see if it matches in all areas of the house. You might remember a common aspect of this when you were in art class in school when you played with certain colors to see what matched well with your idea.

Check today trends

Try to do some research or look at some TV shows regarding home do overs. To get some ideas for what is popular and or what works best with the idea you have in mind. You might be surprised on certain materials or tones used to bring out the greatest potential on adding color to your wall. If you’re following certain trends to do with having energy efficient home improvements that can save some energy, then they do have certain paints you can use, like insulated paints.

Adding more ideas to your already ideas is always a plus, and it can reach closer to what you really want depending on lighting, darkness. Doing a lot of research to what you’re looking for and planning to do will not only ease your mind but bring a certain of confidence you’re willing to achieve for your ideal plan for choosing a color for your wall.

Having inspiration is good

When doing your research with places like Pinterest or Facebook, start pinning rooms with the color themes you like that catches your eye and what colors you feel that are drawn to you. And start planning from there, you would be surprised how far inspiration will get you to that perfect color on the wall. Some people said that they got their inspiration by just walking in a coffee shop or a warm comfortable place that made them feel welcome. 

Have a color theme for your house?

It’s important to discover your color preferences for your wall. Looking around your house and the wall that needs to be painted try to match those color themes that would go with your furniture. For example, if you’re going for a natural color look for patterns like whites and beige’s. Different rooms will have different lighting like dining room or the living room, take one color from your furniture and tone it down to match that color.

To get some more ideas study the colors of your clothes, some people buy clothes based on the colors they like with the combinations for colors that forms a pattern they enjoy. It’s the same for your house, here’s a better example if you don’t wear purple don’t paint purple chances are you’re not going to like it. When choosing your color theme, it is very helpful to follow the rule of 60-30-10 rule. 60 percent is the main dominant color, 30 percent will be the secondary color and 10 percent the accent color. So, to apply this in most cases 60%= Wall, 30%= Upholstery, 10%= the balance between the two it for interest. You can use more interior home designing into your color theme if you’re looking for more combination of the two.

Experiment with colors that work well together

Depending on your ideas and the colors of your choosing, try to lay colors side by side (if you have multiple colors) so you can get a visual balance. Figure out if using opposite, combination or an analogous color scheme that will work best for your plan. once you find that for sure color or colors go to the store and get a manufacturer test of your color and apply some on the wall and I mean just a little brush stroke. Let it sit there and see if the color looks good in the morning, afternoon and night. See if you like how the color changes throughout the day that will determine if you have to add more or lessen the tone to the color of the wall.

Go all out and express your idea

Don’t be afraid to use your own style or use expressive colors to combine bold colors with neutral upholstery in your home. Color is an expression and expressing yourself is a great way to putting that perfect color to your wall. That is the whole reason for choosing the right color wall is to express and inspire.

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