How to best get a Loft Conversion in the London and Surrey Area

How to best get a Loft Conversion in the London and Surrey Area

When it comes to dealing with loft conversions in the London and Surrey area, you have ample inspiration all around you. From driving through the stunning houses of Twickenham to heading through Raynes Park, you will easily see many homes that have undergone an impressive loft conversion. Just look for the homes that have a much more interesting top floor to their home compared to their next door neighbor!

However, getting the best loft conversion for your London or Surrey home can take a lot of planning and preparation. If you want to make sure that you wind up with a finished project you can be happy with, we recommend that you take into consideration some of the following parts of the process.

Working out useable space

First off, you need to work out if you have a loft which would be considered a useable space. Some houses in the Surrey area may find that, without extensive work, their loft is not a genuinely usable space. You want to make sure that you have a measurement of 2,500mm for the internal height from top of the ceiling joists to underneath the ridgeboard. You also want to have a higher roof pitch, as this allows for a higher central height – meaning a larger room.

Also, it must be 5,500mm to the side, and 7,500mm to the back, in terms of the size of the footprint. Anything under this needs renovation or expansion as it will likely not be enough for you otherwise.

Getting the finest finish

Now that you know you can use your London loft to improve your home, you should look to hire the right people. This means hiring loft experts who are:

  • Experienced. Hiring someone without expertise to carry out a loft conversion is a gamble.
  • Only hire loft conversion experts who come with a recommendation from elsewhere.
  • Ensure that they are able to deal with the kind of loft conversion that you want, too.
  • From their timekeeping record to their licensing, are they suitable for the job?

Hiring a team of loft conversion experts who can work to the above specifications will make it easier for you to believe in the success of your loft conversion. Also, ensure they have a track record of listening: if you have specific needs for that loft conversion, then it pays to make sure they fully understand and adhere to what you ask for.

This means making sure that you work with people who come with a track record. For any home owner in Surrey, lofts are one of the most important extensions you can carry out, so getting it completed by people who know what they are doing provides much-needed peace of mind.

If you want to make sure you are left with a property that looks fantastic, you would do well to follow along with the ideas suggested here: it might stop you avoiding a nightmare loft conversion. Take a trip around places like Kingston and Hampton, and before long you’ll have some great ideas for a loft conversion that makes your home truly stand out.

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