Don’t Miss Out These 5 Things While Designing An Awe-Inspiring Baby Bedroom


Usually babies grab all the attention by every action they do, but you never know what grabs their mind. Let me help you out with designing a splendid baby bedroom, so that you make everything ready for junior, because all the wishes of ‘His Highness’ should be granted.

Before you start purchasing the stuff, make a count of all the necessary items listed below to ensure that you don’t miss out anything.

  1. Cribs

First things first! New born babies can beat out anyone in a sleeping competition. 😛 It is important for them to have a sound and unhampered sleep. Wooden cribs are the common ones. Note the things below when you buy this baby cot:

  • The corners should not be higher than 1/16’’
  • No cutting on the head-side or the foot-side of the crib
  • There should be no dropping edge

If you have a limited space at home and want to save the extra storage place, buy a muscular crib with in-built drawers.

  1. Cradles/Co-sleepers/Basinets

Take your baby on a ride with you! Basinets are mobile and your teeny-weeny is enjoying in there. With these cradles, you can also keep an eye on the small one while you are doing some work. Fit in a tight mattress.

Replace it with another baby cot when you observe that your child is growing up and try to hop out of the cradle.

  1. Gliders and Rockers

Try out the to-and-fro motion with your carbon copy – giving a soothing back rest. Check the locks are secure!

  1. Changing Tables

You don’t really need a dedicated changing table though, if you can manage with the towel lying on the floor. Get ready to change a thousand diapers! They make it easy for you with the guardrails and a harness for the safety of your naughty kid.

  1. Crib Mattress

Babies require a dense and comfortable crib mattress to yawn upon when they feel sleepy. These three are the general ones:

  • Organic – Made up of cotton, wool or coconut-husk fibers.
  • Foam – These are the lightest and easy to perform the stunt when you need to change the sheets in the middle of your sleep.
  • Innerspring – A number of at least 135 to 150 coils are preferable for these kinds of mattresses.

Sources say that, people generally intend to buy a separate convertible kit along with the nursery furniture sets. If you hold a thought to save a penny by finding it along with the crib, drop the idea. Yes! You can get a convertible toddler for the baby once they are a little grown up to be out of the crib now, but an extra care for the special one is always worth it.

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