Choosing a 90mm Shower Waste

Choosing a 90mm Shower Waste

There are fewer components more important for a shower tray than a waste. Shower waste trays are essential for proper drainage, while also blocking out terrible smells produced by gases inside waste pipes.

Without a good shower waste, water takes longer to drain while blockages become more common, making it quite the nuisance. Puddling in a shower tray is the last thing anyone wants, and a quick fix to this issue is upgrading to a quality 90mm shower waste.

Reasons to buy 90mm shower waste

A 90mm shower waste is simply a shower waste with a connection measuring 90mm. Many sizes are available, with the size of the waste depending on the connection size of the shower tray. 90mm shower drains are very common in most modern shower trays.

More importantly, you need a good shower waste to make the most of the shower. For one thing, it’s needed to block out any bad smells that lie inside the pipes, creating a water barrier that prevents nasty odours coming from the shower drain.

90mm shower drains also tend to offer the best drainage. Because they are larger, they can take a higher volume of water than smaller wastes, meaning less – if any – puddles of water developing as you shower.

What to look for in a 90mm shower waste


The 90mm refers only to a single connection (the one that connects to the shower tray), with a second one connecting to the waste pipe. So, make sure you have a suitable size waste pipe connection.

40mm is an average size for waste pipes, although this is far from guaranteed with your own pipes. In some instances, shower wastes come with adjustable waste pipe connections, making it even more versatile.


There are multiple designs available for a shower waste. This typically relates to installation, with shallower designed wastes being the best for shower trays. So, always make sure the design works in your current shower tray!

Also, consider the joints used in the waste. Elbow joints are fantastic as they are very robust and reliable, also being one of the easier designs to install.


Any 90mm shower waste should come with some form of access, usually from the top of the chrome fitting. By providing easy access, the shower waste is so much easier to clean. You can remove hair and other build-ups that would normally lead to blockages, while also maintaining the hygiene of the waste over long periods.

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