Why There Is Need To Repair Double Glazed Windows?

There Is Need To Repair Double Glazed Windows?

Are you in an air-conditioned room but the temperature is still uncomfortable to handle? Do you feel a nip in the air in chilly days even if the windows and the doors are closed? Well, the chances are there has been formed a void between those close-sealed windows or doors. Hence, the air has managed ample space to enter and make you feel uncomfortable even if all the air-conditioning system works just fine, or so it seems. Double Glazing doors and windows are the wondrous fortifications against those gushing wind…

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Getting the Right Windows Can Help You Get Rid of Noise

Getting the Right Windows Can Help You Get Rid of Noise

It’s important to take care of your home as much as possible. You want to protect your investment and ensure that it will keep a high value for many years to come. For this reason, it’s advisable to upgrade certain aspects of your house every so often. One area that could use an upgrade, especially if it hasn’t been done in decades, is the windows on your home. There are many benefits to upgrading the windows in your home. Not only can new windows add to the overall look of…

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Should You Choose Dual Pane Windows for Your Home?

Should You Choose Dual Pane Windows for Your Home

For the savvy homeowner, looking for the right window treatments to install in the home is no laughing matter. Each window style comes with its own set of pros and cons, and making the right choice in windows could end up saving a homeowner tons of money in heating and cooling bills. So how do you know which window treatments to choose? If you’re working with a professional service like Renewal by Andersen window replacement to decide, you’re already in good hands. If you’re interested in finding the most energy…

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Change windows: permissions or not

Change windows: permissions

When you want to change the windows of an existing building, there are several things to consider. The number of windows to be replaced or their dimensions does not affect the type of authorization to be requested. For a single window or for several at the same time on all the façades, the approach will be the same and may be different according to the scenarios set out below: The change of windows identically The replacement by different windows (new materials, new color …) The change of window with modification…

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Replacement of windows and joinery

Replacement windows

Are you looking for a manufacturer of PVC ,  wood  or aluminum windows when renovating your windows in your home? Renovation type installation on existing frame To make the renovation of your windows, the installers adapt the made-to-measure window to the old dormants provided that they are in good condition. All you have to do now is to fix it and finish with silicone and cover. Without damaging the masonry or the tapestry. This installation system is fast, reliable and clean. Or renovation type full replacement We renovate your PVC…

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Change windows: when to declare its works?

Change windows: when to declare

When you want to change your windows, it may be necessary to ask for permission to work at the town hall. The approach is different depending on the type of development desired. This step is major when the house is located in a so-called “protected” space . Choosing the right colors for its joinery can therefore be a major argument. In what cases should a declaration of work be made? For some works, a declaration of works is a mandatory step. Work that changes the exterior appearance of a building…

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Window Change: Mandatory Formalities

Window Change

Soon owner of an old building or happy occupant of an old property? If you want to lower your heating bills, you can change your windows for better performance (need to consult our Guide des fenêtres 2015 ?). However, it is necessary to comply with the regulations in force according to the location of your property. Be aware that it is not always possible to change windows as desired and that certain steps are necessary in order to comply with the law. What are the steps to change windows ?…

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Replacing Your Windows, A Smart Idea?

Winter has just arrived and you already feel the sensations of cold in your house.This is certainly due to your joinery and more specifically to your windows

Winter has just arrived and you already feel the sensations of cold in your house.This is certainly due to your joinery and more specifically to your windows. The windows of a housing constitute walls that are sensitive to variations in outside temperature. Windows represent between 10% and 15% of the total losses of a dwelling. It is therefore important to take into account this item of energy expenditure. Is changing your old windows through reinforced insulated windows cost-effective? It all depends on the general insulation of your home. If your…

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When To Change The Windows Of The House?

windows of the house?

If the door is the smile of your house, the windows are their eyes. They are an integral part of its architecture and are very important, especially as they protect you from bad weather while letting natural light enter your home. That said, how do you know when to replace them? It is estimated that the windows of a house have a lifespan of about 15 years. Clues to know when to change the windows of the house The lifetime of a window is estimated at 15 years , but…

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15 Questions to Ask Before Changing Windows

changing windows

Thermal and acoustic performances, safety, style, budget … Many criteria to consider when changing windows . Side House makes the point with you on what to know before investing in new windows . Do you want to trade your old windows for new models that are more efficient in terms of insulation and safety? There are, however, different rules to follow. Home side gives you all the keys to change your windows without making errors. >> To read more >> Create openings on an old house 1. Why change your…

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