Cabinet Refinishing vs. Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refinishing vs. Cabinet Refacing

If you want to upgrade your kitchen but replacing all your cabinetry is just not an option, consider cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing. Both options are less expensive than purchasing new cabinets and choosing one over the other depends on your current cabinet boxes, budget and personal preference.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is when you keep your existing cabinetry entirely, but you change the colour or finish. There are various methods, but contractors that paint cabinets will often sand or chemically strip down the existing finish from the wood and then refinish them with a fresh coat of paint or stain. Cabinet painting can be done with a roller and brush, but most painting companies will use a spray method to ensure consistent coverage of your new paint or finish.

Cabinet refinishing is less expensive than cabinet refacing. On average, a cabinet painting job will cost 40% less than a cabinet refacing job and far less than that compared to a replacement. If you think it will work for your kitchen, it is probably worth the savings. Because you are saving your old cabinets from the landfill, this is also an eco-friendly option.

Cabinet refinishing works best for wood cabinets and might not work if you have laminate or thermo foil cabinets as those materials cannot be stripped of their finish and paint won’t stick to it well. If your laminate doors have suffered water damage, they are not repairable and cabinet refacing might be a better choice for you. Read more articles about cabinet refinishing.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is when you keep your cabinet boxes, assuming they are in good shape, and replace all your cabinet drawer fronts, door, face frames, moldings and side panels. Cabinet refacing allows you to change the door style as well, which is something you can’t do with cabinet refinishing. With cabinet refacing, you can completely change the look of your cabinets and kitchen. It will take less time than installing new cabinets and like cabinet painting, is better for the environment since you won’t be dumping your old cabinets in a landfill. Plus, you can still technically use your kitchen during cabinet refacing. You can’t do this when your cabinets are being painted or replaced entirely.

Cabinet refacing canbe as low as half of the cost of a new cabinet replacement. Of course, this all depends on the size of your kitchen, number of cabinets, type of cabinets, door style, finish and labour costs. You can be sure that it will cost less than a cabinet replacement, but for an accurate estimate, contact a cabinet refacing company in your area. Read more about cabinet refacing costs.

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