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Competition for jobs within the PR industry can be fierce, with a higher number of people than ever before now looking to land the best PR jobs in Cambridge. And, with this in mind it is important for all individuals looking for new jobs within PR to ensure that they are able to get off to the best start, understanding all of the best ways to promote themselves and be creative with their CV’s.

If you are looking to land the PR job of your dreams, these tips are for you:

Hone your writing skills – To excel in PR roles you need to be able to get messages across quickly and concisely, able to adapt your tone to write for a range of audiences. Never stop writing, and write for as many different industries as possible.

Promote yourself – You must be confident about your abilities if you want other people to place confidence in you. You need to try to get recognised by people within the PR industry, attending networking events, talks and related events as frequently as possible.

Be vigilant on social media – Employers and future employers do check staff and candidates out on social media so make sure your social media profiles present you in a positive light. Social media is a huge part of PR so this is massively important.

Immerse yourself in the media – To succeed in PR you need to fully immerse yourself in the media, taking time to understand the media landscape both on and offline. You should be hungry for the news and up-to-date with all current affairs.

Gain skills and experience – It is not all about having a degree. Whilst having a degree might definitely help you stand out what is equally important is your skills and experience, employers are often eager to take on people that have volunteered and learnt transferable skills.

Be creative – You need to be creative with your CV, ensuring that not only your words sand out but that the format of your CV if unique also.

Research prospective employers–Always tailors PR job applications to the employers, highlighting your skills that are most important to them and informing them why you are great for their team.

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