A guide to creating the perfect winter patio

perfect winter patio

Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of the sales for outdoor accessories and furniture, revamping your outdoor space into a winter sanctuary.

We have collected a few ideas below so that you can still enjoy your patio in the winter months.

Small urban gem

Dry-laid flagstones, tightly packed, covering both the upper patio and the main walkway leading to it, with an arc shaped path of natural stepping stones from yorkstone supplies, overlooking a pond. Simply idyllic.

Simple slate patio

Surround your small slate patio with evergreen plants for a versatile retreat space. 

Split garden

Open the garden on two sides – one without shelter to enjoy the garden on warmer days, and the other side a welcoming patio with an outdoor fireplace. 

Sophistication patio

Clean lines balanced by earth toned materials and organic shapes, a beautiful contemporary yet comfortable patio. 

Hearth patio

Farm touches like a Dutch door in the kitchen make this type of patio a cosy space. Add a colourful rug, lanterns and big chunky wooden accessories. 

Brick patio

With the right tools, this type of patio can easily be built over a weekend. Create a circle using bricks or place it in a remote corner of your garden, and even better, add a small bird bond. 

Additional space

Add an antique mirror for the illusion of a roomier patio.Ot looks like a  living room, yet it stands out in the sun and rain. 

Recycled materials

We all love being eco friendly and we all have materials laying around the house we can use. Use plastic bottles as pot plants, broken mirror for a mosaic design, used tyres as plant bedding – it’s a low budget project that the whole family can get involved with.

Cobbles and rock
Create a modern rockery, throw in some plants and a chunky wooden dining room table, and your set to have gorgeous outdoor entertaining area.

Mediterranean accent
A cast fountain with an antique finish adds a Mediterranean-inspired accent. Add some brightly coloured tiling and a terracotta wall and boom, it will feel like you have stepped off the plane straight into paradise.

Small seating area
If you are limited with space, fear not – add a metal framed daybed, with a small potted tree, with a dark wall and you’ll have the perfect chill out space.


Need we say more – add some trellis, wooden decking and oversized candle lanterns and you have created your own private area where you can relax with a glass of champagne on a chilly winter evening. Just don’t forget our invite.

What are you waiting for? Go create your perfect winter patio.

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