Urban Defender Whole House Water Filter – Specifications and Pricing

Urban Defender WUrban Defender Whole House Water Filter – Specifications and Pricinghole House Water Filter – Specifications and Pricing

The Urban Defender is a water filtration system specially designed to work in urban environments where people want to improve the quality of their municipal water. City water systems can be prone to high levels of chlorine and chloramines that are used as disinfectants, as well as industrial waste and other pollutants. These can have adverse effects on your health and water filtration systems can stop this from happening. Check out the Urban Defender – whole house water filter from www.cleanairpurewater.com. Specifications The Urban Defender uses a combination of NSF…

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A guide to creating the perfect winter patio

perfect winter patio

Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of the sales for outdoor accessories and furniture, revamping your outdoor space into a winter sanctuary. We have collected a few ideas below so that you can still enjoy your patio in the winter months. Small urban gem Dry-laid flagstones, tightly packed, covering both the upper patio and the main walkway leading to it, with an arc shaped path of natural stepping stones from yorkstone supplies, overlooking a pond. Simply idyllic. Simple slate patio Surround your small slate patio with evergreen plants…

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Is It Time For Your Home To Conduct Foundation Repair?

Conduct Foundation Repair

Foundations are made of different types of materials, depending on the kind of structure that has been put up. But, whether you have a skyscraper or a bungalow wooden home, their purpose is essentially the same in that they provide the legs and base that holds the entire structure solid and stable. Much like human legs and feet, foundations are a necessary part of any structure and should, therefore, be given as much effort in terms of planning and preparation as one would for the rest of the design. A…

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