15 Questions to Ask Before Changing Windows

changing windows

Thermal and acoustic performances, safety, style, budget … Many criteria to consider when changing windows . Side House makes the point with you on what to know before investing in new windows .

Do you want to trade your old windows for new models that are more efficient in terms of insulation and safety? There are, however, different rules to follow. Home side gives you all the keys to change your windows without making errors.

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1. Why change your carpentry?

Replacing windows improves the heat insulation of the house, with openings representing 10 to 15% of heat loss. There is thus a savings in heating with the key and an increased comfort thanks to the suppression of the phenomenon of cold wall on the windows. In addition, the house will be much better protected from outside noise.

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2. Should all windows be replaced at the same time?

It is not compulsory but above all a matter of means. If you do not have the budget to change it all at once, choose the living rooms or the most heated, you will improve their comfort.

3. What is the preferred material for its windows?

Whether wood, PVC, aluminum or even mixed wood joinery, each has its advantage. Thermally efficient, wooden windows require regular maintenance. The aluminum profiles are unalterable and available in a wide range of colors. Economical and insulating, PVC is the most popular material in renovation, but the choice of colors is more restricted. Finally, high – quality, the mixed windows offer a very good thermal insulation and do not require any maintenance. They consist of a wooden or PVC joinery with aluminum cowling.

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4. What types of opening can I choose and how to respect the style of my old windows?

In renovation, joineries are available in all types of opening. The beating or “à la française” style * is the classic opening. Ideal for ventilating rooms or the kitchen safely, the tilt-and-turn system also allows to open the top of the windows. Finally, the sliding doors have the advantage of opening without interfering with the interior space. Besides, with the bespoke one, one allows oneself some decorative options. To give a little charm to your new windows, you can thus choose visible brass, copper or white cremones.

To animate the tiles, opt for integrated woodwork. They come in white, brass or wood decor, and can even be engraved in the glass. Finally, you can play on the materials (PVC wood-like profiles or bicolor option for aluminum joinery) for a successful harmonization with your façade.

5. What will my thermal gain be?

Equipped with reinforced thermal insulation , the windows protect from cold weather and summer heat. It is the coefficient Uw expressed in W / m2.K which gives information on the thermal performance of a window. The lower the coefficient, the better the insulation. The most efficient joineries have thermal coefficients of less than 1.4 W / m2.K, ie an energy gain of 80% compared to a single glazing. And heating savings of 10 to 30% depending on the case.

6. Is thermal or acoustic comfort better?

The acoustic glazing displayed poorer thermal performance equivalent thickness. Therefore, it is better to give priority when the environment is really noisy or only for the most exposed parts.

7. Should the strands be changed at the same time?

No, it is quite possible to do it later, even when you want to change your shutters for motorized roller shutters .

8. Does a new window necessarily mean loss of light?

Renovation consists mostly of replacing the joinery by keeping the old frame (the frame): a window in the window which most often results in a decrease in the glazed area and therefore a decline in clarity. This disadvantage can be eliminated by hidden opening windows. By its fineness, the carpentry retains the same thickness as the old opening to keep or even increase the initial glazing surface.

9. Should I take advantage of it to protect myself from thieves?

Certain windows (when on the ground floor or without shutters) are more exposed than others to attempts to steal. Manufacturers offer different options to discourage burglars: anti-slip sheet leaf, reinforcement of carpentry, laminated glazing, etc. Issued by the CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection) and recognized by insurance companies, the A2P label distinguishes equipment that effectively protects against intrusion attempts (delays in breaking and entering, etc.). ).

10. What does the regulation require and can I benefit from the aid?

Since November 1, 2007, regulations require thermal performance levels for windows when they are replaced (double glazing with reinforced insulation, etc.). A requirement that involves more expensive work, but also qualifies for a tax credit of 25% to 40% depending on the case. In addition, the change windows can be public aid or loans granted under certain conditions (depending on their performance thermal or acoustic) grant to improve comfort in private housing (Anah), premium improving habitat (PAH) of the DDE, ready EDF renovation , ready Pass-Works , etc. However, it is imperative to do this before work begins.

11. Will the installation of my new windows cause disorder in my dwelling?

A new window has a much better air-tightness than an old window. It thus changes the balance of the air exchange of the housing. If the latter is equipped with faulty ventilation (or lack thereof), the replacement of the windows can therefore cause damage or even mold. The installer must therefore take this risk into consideration and establish a ventilation diagnosis. And if the new windows are not equipped with air intakes, a suitable ventilation must obviously be installed.

12. Are there any labels or certifications to help me choose?

For the quality of joinery, the NF CSTBat brand , awarded by the Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), guarantees the quality of manufacture as well as the level of strength and waterproofness of carpentry. But there are other certifications on specific aspects. Thus, the AEV rating measures the level of watertightness, air, and wind resistance of carpentry. The Acothermcertificate attests acoustic and thermal performances.

The Cekal label ensures the quality of the double glazing as well as their acoustic and thermal performance. Finally, the aluminum joinery has proven quality. The name Qualicoat indicates a resistance to scratching , to UV, to discoloration and therefore a better resistance over time. The Qualimarine joinery are more resistant to aggressive environments such as the seaside (sea spray, salt, sand …).

13. What are the guarantees that the installer must offer?

The installer must be covered by a decennial liability guarantee . In addition, you are entitled to claim the insurance certificate at the time of the order. In addition, work on window changes is subject to statutory guarantees (due to the installer): guarantee of perfect completion (one year), guarantee of good operation (two years) and decennial guarantee (ten years).

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14. Does this involve major work?

Most of the time, work is limited. The pose is to place a new frame on the old one. This solution allows quick and no wall degradation : between two hours and half a day per window depending on size and material. On the other hand, if the existing frame is in poor condition, it must imperatively be replaced. This total deposition solution assumes a longer service life and generally requires the wall to be taken back at the periphery in order to reconstitute the supports to install the new window.

15. What is the cost of installing new windows?

The price of a window differs according to its material, the quality of its glazing and, of course, its dimensions. Inevitable in renovation, the custom-made is necessarily more expensive than the standard. The prices excluding laying start at about 150 euros for PVC, 200 euros for wood and 300 euros for aluminum. It is also necessary to count from 150 to 300 euros for the installation of the window. Thus, for 6 windows of quality with hidden opening of aluminum and their installation, the total cost generally approximates 5 000 euros.

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